Create beauty in all we can. Anything is possible.

At Rusty Redstar the focus is on bringing beauty to function and the extraordinary to the everyday. Every piece bears the fingerprint of entirely handcrafted works. From small pieces to large, I strive to bring them to life with a unique flair. Custom pieces go through a straight forward design process to ensure we have a satisfied design and execution each time.


    Traditional hand skills are the backbone of each and every job. Honing skills and education to craft design, all the way through to installation. From sculpting or fabrication to finishing, every piece passes through my hands, imbuing a part of myself, my fingerprints, in a time enduring and meaningful piece.


    The importance of quality workmanship is tops for me. The detail, care invested, and finishing all contribute to the best we can provide. I work with carpenters, experienced foundries, painters, designers and more to ensure a top quality product is the result.

    Meticulous design

    Articulate drawings


    Hard work

    Clean finishing



    I started this company to find a work life balance, utuilizing my creativity. I work within client budgets, need and design aesthetics. Honesty, integrity and craftsmanship are top priorities. Experience paired with an ethical living wage are an integral part of my foundation to good business.

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