Sculpting & mold making are some of the many steps I use in casting. This is a small explanation and offering of what I can do for you. 

Sculpting is done in house, by hand, and from a variety of materials such as oil based clay, high density foam, mixed media, and more. This step in the process uses all kinds of tools and skills to accomplish what we are looking for from the item we call the master. It is the first step in bronze casting, but applicable to many directions. Product development, master making, one of a kind crafting, plaques, and sculpture large or small. Each sculpting material is chosen for the end result of the product being crafted, as each has unique properties. 

Mold making is done in house, by hand, with silicone molds appropriate for the direction of the project. Once we have a design that is ready for the next step, mold making begins. Wax, resin, concrete, plaster and more can be poured into the molds we create here. The molds can stand up to production, and are a practical option for small or limited production items. I can also work with a foundry or production facility to continue in production development. Food safe silicon is available upon special request.

List of possible applications;

  • Sculpted sign making
  • Logo or image 3D rendering
  • Resin production molds
  • Wax, candle or soap molds
  • Bronze or aluminum casting
  • Product development
  • Glass slumping plaster molds
  • Food or chocolate mold
  • Concrete reproductions
  • Architectural 
  • Plaques
  • Medals or trophies
  • Mask making
  • Body casting

Please contact directly if you have any questions or inquiries. This is a very job specific category and I cannot offer a estimate without a consultation.