Rusty Redstar was born from the desire to have a live work balance that focused on traditional hand skills, gave time with her family & garden and adventures in the spectacular Kootenays of BC. Tamara's intention is to bring the beautiful to the functional, and the extraordinary to the everyday, through her craft. Beckoning back to a time of craftsmanship and quality that stood the tests of time. She believes in the value of handcrafting, made with love, care, and attention to detail. Forging the kinds of pieces you will keep for a lifetime.

Wild at heart and raised near the ocean, Tamara Morgan grew up in rural Saanich on Vancouver Island. Her childhood was spent focusing on dance and theater performance, and helping in the family 's gigantic food garden. However, she was secretly inspired and awestruck by the blacksmiths at the annual Saanich fair, dreaming up a passion for metal working. Tamara lived in Victoria, working in leather craft, honing skills from cobblers, meanwhile craving growth and change. Tamara  heard of an art college in Nelson B.C. that had a program for blacksmiths. On a whim, she applied for the program and decided she was moving. In 2003, at 24 years old, Tamara sold everything she had and packed up to relocate. Landing in Nelson to pursue her dream. During this program, Tamara discovered her love for sculpture. In the spring of 2006, she graduated from a 3 year program for metal working at Kootenay Studio Arts, at Selkirk College. Remaining near Nelson, she has found a forever home in the mountains to raise a family and continue her journey as an independent artist. Blacksmithing, casting, sculpture, mixed media, and leather are now the spread of her career focus. Tamara has been creating hand cast, bronze buckles and custom forged work for homes and businesses since 2006. Only recently sharing her style of mixed media sculpture. 

Tamara is a metal artist that doesn’t limit herself. Forming creations that are nature inspired, full of rich and complex characteristics, mixed materials and a desire to push herself. She massages the materials to create each individual piece. With a humble studio in her home, she wields her creativity into a wide variety of artistic pieces from small to large. Even though she has been working in her craft for many years, Tamara is only recently expanding her scope and business practices. Open to travel and dynamic new opportunities with teaching, custom building and installation. We will be seeing more of her as her career is shifting and shaping in the near future.