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Meat Turner 3

Meat Turner 3

For summer, or in the kitchen year round. Fun little utensil with a comfortably long handle and a good balance. Pair with a meat fork or spatula, heck why not a set!

"Pigtail" Meat Turners, are an old timey piece. Using the hook to grab and flip whatever is on the grill. They feel really unique in the hand while using them. Great for cast iron pans and the BBQ. They don't have flex like you think they might. Hand forged handles are all OOAK. Baked in Organic Avocado oil.

Treat these like you would any other cast iron. Wash with warm water after every use, if they rust, scrub with steel wool, wash, dry and bake in oil to season.

This one was made as a left hander, but any hand can use.

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