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Snow Drops

Snow Drops

Snow drops make me swoon with their delicate and determined persistence. The first to shoot up and announce the changing of the season is imminent. Spring flowers hold a special spot in my excited heart. Growing up in Victoria, there was a warm wave that would blast through in early February, falsely convincing me that spring was coming only to whip at my face one last time with a hit of cold. My birthday is in April, by that time the world of florals is in full bloom there and the first blossoms of spring would always indicate that winter was in fact going to pass, that the last whip of cold I endured was over and give way to my most joyous time of year, spring. Some are so potent in their scents, some have none at all, nevertheless they all come together in their blooms to create a cacophony of colour and endless sighs of sweetness. Snow drops have always had a magical timing in my life, or my life has had a magical timing for thier bloom. They were the only flower at many times of gloom and sadness, bringing a fresh hopeful reminder, like a white flag of surrender, that sometimes surrender can be beautiful. 

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